Scenic Scenes From Aruba...
What are the chances of a pelican flying over a divi divi tree when you snap the photo?
Windsurfing is very popular in the Palm Beach area of Aruba
Sunset at Palm Beach, Aruba
Sunset on Aruba's Palm Beach
Aruba is only about 15 miles from Venezuela, and a long way from anywhere else
A sailboat rounds the point at Eagle Beach
The view from the Marriott
Shipwrecks around the island attract kayakers and scuba divers
It's worth your time to drive to Baby Beach on the southern end of the island
Old boats anchored off Malmok Beach
The lighthouse at California Point
Eagle Beach is a bus ride away from the high-rise hotels
The restaurant by the lighthouse offers a spectacular view
A windsurfer gets ready for launch
Windsurfers fill the sky at sunset
The rocky north shore
Our poolside friend
Criuse ships dock in downtown Oranjestad
There's plenty of shopping in Oranjestad
Sunset tour boats are available
The perfect ending to a perfect day
The old and the new